Using Social Media To Grow Your Business

Every day I am still surprised at the amount of small to medium businesses, that still struggle to understand why they should be using Social Media to interact with their customers. Other than the obvious reason of being found where your consumers are, it is an incredibly cost effective form of marketing that can do wonders for the credibility of your business if properly managed.

Many of my clients are concerned about negative feedback on Facebook and angry customers abusing them on Social Media. It doesn’t matter if you are Coca-Cola or the corner shop, people are talking about your business on Social Media. Don’t you want to know what they are saying?

This gives you an opportunity to engage directly with your customers and build credibility. Customer experience is more important than ever, and you want to make sure that you can track and improve that experience as much as possible.

Make use of Social Media to manage your reputation, improve your customer service and make yourself accessible to existing or potential consumers.

Interact on Social Media

Interact on social platforms, specifically Facebook. (Depending on your product or service, you can choose the best platforms for your business, however, Facebook should always be a given. Targeted marketing to your demographic is the fastest way to grow your reputation and bridge the “trust gap”.

You will want to nominate a person at your business, or make use of an agency, to be available to engage with your consumers on Social Media. Ideally, this needs to be managed 24/7 when possible.

Leverage Social Media to be ‘Fun’

No one likes advertisements on social media these days. Leverage social media in a way that shows your product or service, but has a light, fun message for your followers. This will not only result in more engagement but will help you connect with millennial consumers that are just now entering the industry.

Facebook Ads

This is a great way to let thousands of people in your target areas know about who you are and what you have to offer. There are many different types of Facebook ads for you to make use of. I would advise employing an agency to do these for you as almost every client I have assisted who ran ads themselves, wasted large amounts of budget targeting the incorrect audience.

You also want to make sure that your message (content and tone) are a reflection of your business. Decide on your goals and then critique your advert before going live. Think of how you want the viewer to act when they see your advert and then decide if your design and content is in line with your goal.

Make sure you monitor your ads and read the data. Optimize your audience and demographic as you go along. The more you refine your audience, the more relevant your advert will be to the consumer, resulting in higher conversion rates.

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Author: Jason Rinquest (Social Media Specialist at RAW Web Development)