How to pick your website’s color scheme

Your website’s color scheme is more important than you think, as it’s an aesthetic component that will improve both your website and your brand identity.

You want your color scheme to be one of the first thing your clients identify with your brand. Some of the largest brands stand out because of their color scheme, one example being Coca Cola. When we see a red can, we are more than likely to think of a cold can of Coca Cola, and you want the same reaction and immediate association for your brand.

The color or colors you choose to associate with your brand are important because they will ensure that you stand out from your competitors and, because every color brings with it different emotions, the color will make your customers feel something, triggering excitement or love, passion or intrigue.

Choosing the right color scheme is doing so much more for your brand than you could imagine, as your color scheme will be what makes you memorable.

With so many colors to choose from, picking the ‘right one’ may seem like a difficult task, but our short guide will help you to sift through the thousands of shades available, ensuring you pick the right one for your brand’s website.

Choose a starting or ‘base’ color

There needs to be reasoning behind every one of your color choices, even if it is as simple as the first color choice being your favorite color.

Don’t over think your starting color, instead, use what you have, scratch out your competitors’ colors (because you don’t want to look the same) and think about the audience you are targeting as they are the ones that are going to care.

Remember that different shades promote different feelings, too. The lighter the shade the more playful you are, whereas the darker the shade the more serious you might come across.

Find an accent

Your chosen accent color will be used sparingly, meaning that it will stand out in important areas of your website, normally a call to action.

You can find your accent color in many ways, you can use a program like Paletton(.com), by going with your gut, or by roping in a designer who can give you their opinion.

Don’t forget about the greys

You don’t know it, many don’t, but when you’re putting together your chosen colors, there is a need to add a little grey, too.

Using a couple shades of grey within your website design opens you up to using your base and accent colors in important areas you want to highlight, and gives you a couple of shades to work with when you apply text.

The final word

Your pallet doesn’t need to be over complicated, limited or broad, it just must be what you envisioned, and make your brand stand out.

If you need help, it’s important to choose a designer that can help you make your brand’s website more than a dream. At Raw Web Development, we are here to help you through every step of your website’s journey – contact us today.