What is UX – UI – IA

IA, UI and UX: The anatomy of awesome digital products

These three roles in digital product design are either not heard of or misconceived. Good IA, UI and UX can mean the difference between a viral hit and a complete flop.

Information Architecture: The Bones

This is where it all starts. Whether it’s a mobile app, a website or even a video, IA is where it begins.

Information Architecture is a relatively old term. Old in the sense of the web and old in the sense of our progression through technology. It focuses on the organization and structure that define the relationships between a sites content/functionality. Basically, IA is the half art half science process of deciding how the content of a digital project will be organized and labelled.
An IA  designer is tasked with Organizing and labelling all of the content in a way that a customer can locate and access it easily.
The person in charge of IA is usually involved throughout the life of the project. That person is often the connection between the coding tech nerds and the creative graphic design types. It’s the IA designers job to make sure the entire team understand the blueprint.

User interface: The Skin

The front line of any digital product is the user interface. This is the part of the machine that interacts with humanity
Good UI is all about function and beauty. A beautifully designed site or software is a joy to use, but only if the customer can figure out how to use it.

User Experience: The heart 

UX designers work to make things more profound, targeting their users on an emotional level. The end goal of great IA and UI design is the overall user experience, UX design adds context and story to a user’s natural behaviour and, gives them something to take away from their experience.
The emotion that a UX designer strives to create depends on the product, services, or goal. User experience can have a profound impact on an overall product.